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Boom Beach


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Version 35.119 10 November, 2018

Hero Level Upgraded.

New Operations Added.

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Review about Boom Beach app

Boom Beach is known as one of the best combat strategy games. It has a similar gameplay to Clash of Clans made by the same developer company, Supercell. It is completely free and available on Apkjungle.com for android mobile phone users. In the game you are a player that is sent to the mysterious archipelago to give freedom to the enslaved islanders from Hammerman and his blackguard armies. When you start playing the game and build up your bases to get stronger, more powerful and tactically strong blackguard bases appear, that include mercenaries, resource bases and factory bases too.

Boom Beach has unique features that make it different from any other strategic game available for android users. Here, instead of ordinary spells you use the gunboat to support your armies, especially when you want to redirect them. Even when the base headquarters are destroyed, rather than giving you a bonus, it instantly ends the raid. You can also earn statues power stones and that can help your natural playing style. While playing the game you can join any task force which is basically a clan and rather than starting a war with an opposing task force, you engage in operations that can defeat the blackguard factories.

Features of Boom Beach:
Arbitrary Minimum Range:

The King Mortar, Rocket Launcher, Shock Explosion Launcher-all have them to match the strength of their opponents. In the game Machine Guns initially did not have this feature, but it was added this year to make it even more interesting. The Rocket Launchers are really huge and also bigger than the usual ones. The Machine Guns are small because of their range and firepower.

Artificial Stupidity:

In Boom Beach the specific war units follow their own artificial intelligence presets. The basic difference in the game is that all units are coded to attack the nearest building they see, no matter what kind of building block it is or what is their defensive strengths and weaknesses. It is entirely up to you to give them direction or to help them with fire support.

In Boom Beach the players need to step up and take bold decisions to support their armies. You can select the type of troops you want and can also select the weapons that are suitable for your army. You can think of different ideas and moves to destroy opponent's towers. This strategic game will surely keep you engaged!

User Reviews
cmkttdwp 1st April, 2019


xahxqvff 1st April, 2019


bwnrvjts 1st April, 2019


Package Details
Name Boom Beach
Developer Supercell
Package com.supercell.boombeach
Version 35.119
Size 95.4 MB
Requires Android 4.0.3+
Category Strategy
Added 10 November, 2018
Licence Free

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