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Dead Target

Dead Target


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Version 10 November, 2018

More enhanced graphic.

Weapons chices are increased.

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Review about Dead Target app

Dead Target is the game in which your target is to kill different types of zombies who have taken over the city. The missions begin with easy ones but the complexity increases as you clear each level. Killing more zombies will give you cash which can be used to buy deadlier weapons and bullets. You can also get gold which can be used to buy important items like grenades or medical packets. As you start crossing higher levels on the main quest, you get your next ranking as per army ranks. The missions are located at various parts of the main city. Daily Quests and Main Quests keep your interest intact in the game. Defeating zombies gives you cash and also important items like gold. Huge zombie waves can come from all directions in case of serious endless missions. In the case of individual missions, it is from one or two directions depending on your location in the main city map.

Dead Target Features:

This is a simple zombie shooting game. This game is free for android mobile phone users and is available . You can play this game without buying any special feature or items. The game has total thirty levels and each level is more difficult than the previous one; it will take approximately one whole year to complete this game. At level thirty the player will receive the final weapon and with that he can finish the game. An effective game strategy and limited use of gold can take you to sufficiently high levels and you will never hit a road block.

Integration with Google Play Game Sign In:

Now with apkjungle.com you can get your account details and game progress stored in the cloud. With this amazing feature you get two advantages. First of all, your game progress can be accessed from multiple android devices. Secondly, the same game can be played on multiple devices. You just need to install the game in your new device and log in to your account. All your progress, in-game purchases and settings will return. Integration feature is available in the game settings.


When you start the game you just get a simple pistol. As you complete your missions one by one, you get more money and gold to buy better weapons and grenades. You get so many amazing weapons that you will never lose your interest in the game!

User Reviews
uhkacxyh 1st April, 2019


kjuvkqec 1st April, 2019


gbblvlfs 1st April, 2019


Package Details
Name Dead Target
Package com.vng.g6.a.zombie
Size 98.4 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Action
Added 10 November, 2018
Licence Free

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