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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Imangi Studios

4 Ratings
61.9 MB APK Size
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Version 1.49.1 13 October, 2018

Looks of the characters are improved.

Rotating seasonal content.

Bugs issue fixed.

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Review about Temple Run 2 app

The most amazing upgrade in Temple Run 2 is the hugely improved graphics. Brilliant colors and much more detailed pixel environments add to the effect of the lost city in the Grey sky setting. This app is built using the unity development engine; the Temple Run 2 landscape has been improved thoroughly, with curved streets and hills removing the more angular setting of the original game. Waterfalls and other beautiful additions also appear in the game, adding a more realistic feel to the often boring setting of the original version. In this version players will periodically have to slide down the rope and hop into mining tracks deep within the caves in a mine cart. Some users think that the new upgraded graphics have reduced the performance level, and because of incoming texts or other notifications the game tends to lag.

These lags can be easily avoided and no further problems will be faced. Temple Run 2 attracts the audience by retaining the original version of the game’s control. Players must use a tried and tested swipe control system. Swiping left and right to make smooth turns, players have to swipe up and down to avoid dangerous obstacles along the path. By tilting the device you can control the mine carts. You can use the same method to collect coins, gems and other power gain tricks.

Instructions to play the Temple run 2 Game:

Guy Dangerous is your default playing option in Temple Run 2 and by collecting coins you can unlock additional characters in the menu. In Temple Run 2 the characters get a special power up feature, which means unlocking them is much more important now. Once they are unlocked, this power up feature can be used with any character, therefore you are not stuck with Guy Dangerous if you want to use the shield power up feature.

The gold coins are used throughout Temple Run 2, allowing the player to unlock characters and use their various abilities. At the beginning there are four different characters to choose from and unlike the previous version of Temple Run, these are not distinguished by cosmetic reasons but also by the special upgrades they offer.

The gems are used to buy a restart when the character dies. Players can continue from where they left by spending these gems, but the gems are very costly.

In the latest version, Temple Run 2, huge scores can be reached by spending real money or by buying gems and that is why no one is playing the game with dedication.

Gold coins and gems can be purchased by playing the game, provided you are ready to spend the money required. The in-app store sells both at a high price and people buy it in order achieve targets.

With features like newgen graphics and a varied landscape, joined with the original game’s control action, Temple Run 2 is a pleasure to play on android phones. For players and fans of the original version, and players new to the latest series, this amazing sequel is here to make you happy!

User Reviews
gjokarso 1st April, 2019


himshgwc 1st April, 2019


eftijnwo 1st April, 2019


Disha 14th October, 2018

Best arcade game .

Package Details
Name Temple Run 2
Developer Imangi Studios
Package com.imangi.templerun2
Version 1.49.1
Size 61.9 MB
Requires Android 4.0+
Category Arcade
Added 13 October, 2018
Licence Free

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