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Privacy Policy

At Apkjungle.com we treat privacy as the most pressing matter because privacy is something which everybody wants to keep shielded. Here we can assure the users that their personal information is kept confidential and away from the reach of spammers. Through this privacy policy page, we can guarantee that all the data that we gather is safe with us. We have opted for various technical and organizational method to keep your personal information guarded.

Why do we collect your information?

We gather some of your information to deliver the best output. The information that we gather is of minimal use to us but we do so to provide relevant information about any query or information regarding any particular application. We collect some of your device information when you visit apkjungle.com and/or download an application from our site to yield a better browsing experience.

What information do we gather?

Cookies: Yes, sometimes we do store cookies but not for our own use but to guarantee the user a better experience. Cookies are nothing but small text files that are sent by apkjungle.com to user's device to identify the browser. This helps in delivering the applicable information to a particular user.

Device Information: We go through the device information to provide the user with a specific web page that is designed for that particular device.

Do we share your information?

No, we do not share or sell your personal information for any reason. If in any case, we have to share your information that too for your own good we do it based on the terms and conditions specifically based on information provided in our privacy policy.